You Assume My Gender?


When I first saw this, I laughed outloud, but when you realize how much the morality of western society has decayed over the years, this meme is very scary.

As Western Secular Humanist society spreads its hedonism all over the globe, let’s pause and think of where we have come from, where we are, and where we are heading.

The fact that we are even debating whether men are men or now “transgender” is a testimony of the level of decadence humanity (more like Western Society) fallen.

So we have to take note. Will we continue letting this “gay agenda” dominate our society, infect our children and grandchildren with a complete acceptance of “Gay Power Rangers”, “Gay Ernie & Bert”, “Gay Sesame Street” amongst other media programming? Or will we demand a stop to this preposterous nonsense being perpetrated under the guise of “tolerance”?

I read recently that the goal of the globalists is to replace religion and family with the State, and once God and Family are removed, the State becomes the God & Family. There is no “right & wrong” no “moral & immoral” but these terms will be replaced with “legal & illegal”.

Ponder that for a moment. Raising young “transgender children” is not a matter of morally right or wrong, but whether the State says it is legal or illegal. This same approach has been the justification for killing developing babies in the womb. We rename the developing child as a “fetus” and “terminate the pregnancy”. Continue on with acceptance of homosexuality as acceptable, it has evolved from “what we do in our privacy of our homes is our business” to complete acceptance of LGBTQ in all realms of our lives.

Marriage was instituted by religion. Given to us by Allah as a means to build families and nations without confusing lineage or fidelity.  Now people do not get married, but “shack up” resulting in all sorts of confusion when it comes to father’s responsibilities, or even who is the father.

Now marriage is promoted by LGBTQ. As if they are promoters of the sanctity of marriage, but merely adding to the eclectic combinations of “new age” family structure to replace the traditional family

Our silence and inaction in these matters only makes this immorality flourish. Our cowardice in not speaking out against these abominations has now allowed this hedonism to dominate our society.

When and where will it end?

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