Euromericans Killing non-Whites, en masse…..again

UsualSuspectsWhen will the non-white world learn. These people mean you no good

They invaded Africa, the Western Hemisphere, the Far East, Australia all to conquer, dominated, enslave, and profit from the blood and pillage of innocent people. That was 500 years ago.

They have not changed. They have come together again, to bomb innocent people, under some false pretense, and the world looks at them as the “good guys” fighting evil. When in truth, they are the evil ones.

I was reflecting today that cats at home will not drink the tap water. ANIMALS see the water we ingest is not fit for consumption. Who polluted this water, yet sells us water at exorbitant rates? Well, it was the Nestle CEO who said that water is not a human right, but a commodity to be profited from? What evil mind thinks they can take the water that Allah gives this Earth for free, is a commodity to be traded?

The same people who put as the first commodity of the stock exchange was Black people from Africa.

We need to stop thinking these people are human with some minor flaws, when their entire being is based upon evil intent and profit.

They invaded the world to “civilize it”, yet they promote decadence of unseen proportions.

The real reason they are there is to thwart the growth of Islam and any unification of Muslims and they are willing to commit war crimes and genocide to accomplish this goal.

Not much different than Pharaoh’s perfect plan to maintain his dominance in the land. Euromerican dominance is under threat by the re-emergence of Islam and they have convinced the Muslims that this is a fight to rid the world of terrorists, while they are the true terrorists.

Thousands of innocent men, women, children, babies are being killed, bombed in their beds at night to maintain Euromerican dominance in the world and the Muslim world watches. Even some are holding on to patriotic values of these same nations.

Wake up people

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