Media Under-Reports Terrorist Attacks


As people try to ignore the influence that racism and white supremacy have on our societies and the world, here is yet, another example of racism at work.

Trump & global media have made terrorist and Muslims synonymous. Though Trump is relatively new on the global stage, his victory as president is based upon racism and anti-Islamic attitude across the globe.

As the USA is bombing and killing Muslims, innocent Muslims all over the world, torturing innocent Muslims for 15yrs without charge or trial, even going as far as raping Muslim women.  Even the European “immigrants/refugees raping white women” has been found to be fake news. Propaganda against Muslims all over the world.

Facts show that Europeans, European Americans, White Christian men and societies have been more murderous that any and all other groups combined.

So as Trump wants to yell “Radical Islamic Terrorism” all over the world, that is a small amount of wrongdoing by Muslims as compared the other terrorist attacks. But because Muslims have become deluded by this same anti-Islam propaganda, they tend not to speak up on their own behalf.

Muslims need to be aware of the environment we live in and see thru the lies and deception. None of this is new. The kuffar slandered the Prophet in spite of knowing him to be a kind man. Just as the FBI considered Martin Luther King to be Public Enemy #1 in spite of him preaching non-violence and only seeking justice for black people oppressed by white people

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