So why is White Supremacy important for Muslims to understand?


White Supremacy, whereby White people, of Western European descent have made it their business to vilify Muslims, Islam, etc. From Trump to Wilders and many in-between, their media onslaught has Muslims on the defense.

These Western nations have obliterated other cultures, Japanese, Chinese, African, Indian, Arab, etc all want to emulate the West. To their own detriment.  Europeans cry about immigrants invading their country, yet are woefully silent as to the historical fact that it was Europeans who left barren Europe, entered every other nation, plundered its resources, massacred millions of innocent people, all in the name of European Conquest.

This tale has affected the mind of the Muslims. Muslim nations watch as the USA, Europe, Israel, Russia, all bomb innocent Muslims and we sit and are silent. Yet, when ONE Muslim is accused of attacking a body of non-Muslims, Muslims are the first to apologize and condemn.

Compare this to the life of the Prophet who when he was in dire need, he left Makkah, went to Taif, and other tribes, but when they offered lukewarm support, he refused their assistance. It was the people of Yathrib who made firm commitments to Islam and to this day we call them the Ansar.

Muslims are the best of people “when they hold firm to Islam” and when they waiver, they are the worst of people.  Nationalism, Patriotism, Socialism, Capitalism, Hedonism, are all against Islam and we need to be firm with that resolve. Otherwise, we will be the lowest on the Earth (as we are now).

So, a discussion of how White Supremacy has corrupted the minds of the Muslims needs to be had and addressed with firm reminders from Quran, where we say we Trust in Allah and we must hold firm to that.

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