Europeans & EuroMericans have been & are a cancer to humanity

Well, let me first explain that this has nothing to do with color.  White people are just that, the color of their skin is lighter than most other people on the planet, hence the term white.

Early Muslims called them Red people.

But this is about the White Supremacist attitude that has polluted the world since Columbus “discovered America”. Historically, it would take volumes to detail the attitude of these Europeans who colonized the world, so much so, that ever non-European nation has an “Independence Day” to celebrate the removal of European oppression and colonialism.

None of this is to say  that other nations and groups are not guilty of crimes against fellow humans. As a matter of fact, regional conflicts have occurred with most groups since the dawn of man. Even within Europe, there were many internal blood wars.

However, since the discovery of the “New World” and Europe’s expansion into other lands, slavery, oppression, racism, all were taken to new levels, unseen in human history.

Europeans basically wiped out indigenous people in North America and Australia (including New Zealand & Tasmania). Unheard of in human history.

They brought religion along with their conquest, the religion of “Love”, “Turn the Other Cheek” & “Love Thine Enemy” while inflicting barbaric treatment upon the indigenous people they were “converting”. Their behavior did not reflect their promoted teachings of Jesus, but were more in line with “Old Testament” wordings.  The Old Testament, which they conveniently ignored when it came to meat, circumcisions, and other rites of religion. But when it came to slavery, rape, pillage they constantly referred to its teachings.

As they invaded other countries, absconded with untold amounts of gold, silver, and other riches, they also lied about history and the people they conquered.  Making White the leader of humanity and these lower, browner, darker people inherently inferior. Whites were the epitome of humanity, making discoveries, inventions, adopting freedom and liberties unknown to others.

Even today, you hear normal everyday Americans claiming the USA is the best nation on Earth, the greatest nation ever of history. Though a cursory look at non-European history  refutes every iota of their claim.

But what makes them the cancer? Animal extinction, Water pollution, Air pollution, Global Starvation, Replacing natural foods with “imitation food-like subtances” which invariably cause all sorts of internal damage. And to address the short- and long-term effects of this food-like substance, they have Big Pharma creating pills and medicines that are not designed to cure, but to “manage” illnesses.

What makes them the cancer? Well, aside from the physical damages mentioned above, the spiritual damages are even worse. Europeans have always been paganistic. Roman and Greek paganism is a basic staple of their history. Worshiping man-made “gods” which happened to resemble Europeans gave them a sense of superiority over others.

They took the teachings of Jesus, and then recreated a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jesus and told the world that this was the Son of God. And if you wanted to enter the kingdom of heaven, you had to believe that this white depiction of Jesus was your salvation.

But lately, since any spiritual connection to a higher being is not really in the genetic makeup of the European, they have abandoned that mantra and now promote Science & Evolution as being their “religion of truth”.  Humanist Secularism is the key to man’s success and survival on earth.  Religion is backwards and causes wars and death, is their new ad slogan.

However, as you look back at history, you see the European (and now their American offspring) will use great speeches to commit dastardly acts against non-Europeans. It used to be “convert to Christianity” was the “White Man’s Burden”. This has evolved into “Spreading Democracy & Freedom” while fighting “Radical, Islamic Terrorism”. All the while committing atrocious acts, being more terroristic than anyone else and leading people into economic enslavement.

Lastly, morality. More specifically, immorality. Europeans have been immoral people for centuries. Even their Christian leaders would rape African women and men before sending them to the Americas. Yet not too long ago, they promoted a hatred of homosexuality, today, they are the chief promoters of the LGBT lifestyle all over the world.

So from killing the bees, to the trees, polluting the water, air and land, to destroying natural foods and replacing them with chemically laced food substitutes, to promoting indecency and destroying families and cultures, this being has shown he is nothing more than a virus.  He fools people with his White supremacy mindset and media into believing he is the leader of the free world but he is leading humanity into destruction

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