Are Muslims Liberals or Conservatives? NEITHER


And it is high time we stop allowing others to label us according to their terms.

Liberals generally accept everyone, Rich/Poor, Young/Old, Male/Female, Black/White which is also demanded by Islam for all of us to accept. What is wrong for us to accept is people who are a detriment to mankind.  Usury-lenders, Same-sex relationships, Baby-killing (abortion), and others who invite to major sins.

Conservatives generally tend to be racists, the party of the elite, supporters of oppression yet they are against killing babies and other immoral behaviors (drugs, prostitution, etc)

Allah has given us a Furqan to live our lives, it fits into neither of these categories and we should not be ashamed to speak firmly about what Islam is and what it is not.

Umar ibn AlKhattab feared a day when a Muslim would be ashamed of his Islam.

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