The Day he divorced my daughter kayandme


Yes, we have fallen into this hole of “free sexuality” and it is hurting us more than others because it is not our nature.

We are family people, we are tribe people, we are not hedonistic like Europeans. We don’t applaud “free sex” and now the repercussions of this immorality is killing our family foundation.

Each of us have to take stock into our decisions, NOT based upon today’s temporal mores, but on traditional values that existed long before we were exposed to these people and their ways.

Women and men married, they didnt meet in a club, but the groom met the father, the families met and discussed, and the marriage was blessed by the tribe.

There was no divorce nor abuse because the husband knew she had family behind her and he did not want to disgrace his family.

We can return to our greatness, and all it takes is foresight and willpower.

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