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Muslims trying to fit in where they are not wanted

Firstly, i applaud and salute the sister hosting this video.  I truly believe she made an honest attempt to try to understand the venom that is propagated against Muslims in France.

My objection to this approach is that she does not truly grasp the hatred France (and other European nations)  have had against Islam and Muslims since the time of the Prophet till now.

France invaded many Muslim and African countries.  They did not immigrate. They did not explore.  They did not apply for citizenship. They invaded lands, enslaved people, killed, maimed and raped. They did this in many countries.

The reason that France even has immigrants is these were the peasants from their new colonies brought in for cheap labor.

The reason why France and other European nations can call Africa and the Middle East, “third world nations” is solely because France and Euromerica has been raping these countries for their natural resources for centuries.

As a Muslim, we need to understand the verses in Quran where Allah warns us against taking the kuffar for friends and protectors.  They are friends and protectors of each other.  Being gullible by not understanding the truth and depth of the warnings and reminders from Allah is only going to cause self destruction.