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The Nazi Flag, the Redneck Flag and the Muslim Flag

The United States has once again achieved new levels of hypocrisy.  Not to be undone by its legacy of “freedom, liberty and democracy” as it committed genocide and enslavement during its land grab and terrorism against the Native peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

But, true to form, it has once again revealed its utter contempt for Islam and Muslims (aside from the blatant, wanton slaughter of millions of muslims in the past 15 years)The Colour of the Nazi Flag (4)

The Nazi Flag, pictured above, is not illegal to fly in the USA.  Though social pressures may exist to have it removed because of its association with Nazi Germany and the killing of 6 million Jews.



The rebel flag, or commonly called the Confederate Flag, has more blood on it than any other in the world (with the notable exception of the USA flag and Union Jack of the UK).

This flag has been used to oppress, kill, tortured, rape, burn and intimidate untold MILLIONS of African people who reside in the USA since prior to the Civil War of 1865.  There is no comparable peer or evil, yet this flag is not only allowed, it is promoted, distributed, advertised, worn and respected by many white americans. 

It is the State flag of Mississippi today.


The flag below is commonly understood to be the “Islamic flag”, as you may see in the inscription below the Arabic which translates into “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.



The last flag below is NOT the ISIL or ISIS or AlQaaida flag.  It is the exact same flag above, except the font (typeset) is believed to be the original style of writing used during the time of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلّم)

islamic_state_flagYet this article, Cops Confirm ISIL Flag Removed from New Jersey Home deceitfully refers to the flag as an ISIL flag. This is the type of hatred and fear mongering that  has typified the USA response to Muslims and Islam since Sept 11 (and before to be honest)

Yet the Confederate flag flyers, with their blood stained flag full of terrorism for the African American citizens of this country are allowed to fly their flag without intimidation from the “selective law enforcement” community.

Our brother in NJ was asked to remove his religious flag, which is clearly protected under the Constitiion under freedom of speech and freedom of religion.