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The Wanton Slaughter of Women and Children near YOU

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله أبرحمن الرحيم




In Suratul Buruj, Allah mentions the story of the Boy and the King, whereby a King slaughters his own people by throwing them into a large pit of fire, merely because they refused to worship his political and religious system but chose to worship Allah, alone.

Over the past 60 or so years, the world has watched Palestinian women and children be subjected to the worst inhumane treatment, constantly, with help from the USA for their tormentors as their lands are stolen, their men imprisoned and tortured, their homes demolished.  All because they were not born into the religion of their oppressors.

In the Muslim world, we are watching Muslim women and children in virtually every Muslim country being attacked because they have chosen to not adhere to the modernist, secular direction that the political structure has chosen, hence the Muslim armies are turning against their own people.  Bloodshed is running through the streets.

The USA, UK, EU and others have began a crusade to fight any semblance of Islam anywhere in the world, out of their fear of a re-emergence of an Islamic State, “Khilafa”, which would threaten their dominance across the globe.  Innocent Muslims are being kidnapped, detained, flown to secret prisons, not allowed any legal recourse and even tortured, at times to death. The world sees this and does nothing.

Lastly, in Egypt, a “muslim country” the Islamic leanings of a political party were deemed so threatening to the social order, an Egyptian General publicly stated that they will hunt down and kill all three million of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in an effort to stop Islam from being implemented within Egypt.

So I write this to my fellow Muslims, my fellow Americans, my neighboring Muslims and my children. These times of great slaughter of women and children, meaning you, are not too far off.  It is happening all around you and there is a good chance it will arrive at your doorstep before you realize it.  And the world will not care.

There has been a campaign to vilify Muslims, BEFORE September 11, and subsequently it has been racheted up to unforeseen proportions.  Europe publicly promotes bans of hijab and niqaab, as do some Muslim countries.  There are all sorts of “Anti-Islam” groups in the USA.  There is an industry of people who are paid to speak against Islam and warn the kuffar of the impending “sharia law” coming to their neighborhoods.

If you are aware of the Bosnian slaughter, the Rwandan slaughter, the Syrian slaughter, and others, it is abundantly clear that it does not take much to get one group of people to attack another, sometimes because of race, nationality, religion. Dead is Dead, regardless.

However, as Allah has shown us in Quran, in Suratul Buruj, do not fear the death, the torture, the imprisonments.  These acts will be rewarded by your Lord.  But fear abandoning your religion for worldly purposes, even to save your own lives.

If you are having a hard time living as a Muslim today, under relative ease, do you actually think when the hard times come you will automatically become “super Muslim”?  Typically it does not work that way. 

So my reason for writing this is to warn of what may come and for you to spiritually prepare for these days.  Learn your Islam, aspire to become a BELIEVER, that is the only sect Allah has promised victory and success.  Learn the Quran, the sunnah, the seerah. Try to gain the best understanding of it as possible. And then LIVE IT.  Without excuse. 

There has come a day when in Egypt, being a member of a political party is sufficient as a death sentence, including women and children. In Syria, not belonging to a sect is sufficient as a death sentence.  Maybe soon, just merely being Muslim will be sufficient as a death sentence. 

If you doubt it, look at what happened to the Muslims during the fall of Al-Andalus.  History does repeat itself, which is why Allah has given us examples in Quran