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Will We Ever Learn?


Tunisia in talks with IMF for $1.78 bln standby loanImage

We would rather be barefoot and in torn rags than accept shoes or clothes from the West. Even accept bombs of Bashar rather than taking arms from them and becoming subservient to the West like Erdogan & Mursi. Key point is that everything from the West comes with a heavy price.

Why should we turn to them for support in our hour of need when we have Allah SWT, is that not suffucient??

Khilafah is the need of the time.

Will we ever learn?

he would rather suffer in freedom than to live comfortably as a slave

Blessed are those who Struggle

Blessed are those who struggle
Oppression is worse than the grave
Better to die for a noble cause
than to live and die a slave

Blessed are those who courted death
Who offered their lives to give
Who dared to rebel, rather than serve
to die so that we might live

Blessed are those who took up arms
and dared to face our foes
Nat Turner, Vesey, Gariel, Chinque
To mention a few names we know

Blessed are the memories of those
who were there at the Harper’s Ferry Raid
Strong were their hearts, noble their cause
and great was the price they paid

Blessed are the voices of those who stood up
and cried out, Let us be free!
Douglas and Garvey and Sojourner Truth
Dubois and Drew All

Blessed are the giants that we have loved
and lost to the bullet’s sting
like Malcolm and Medgar and the Panthers who fell
and Martin Luther King

And blessed are the bodies of those
who were hung from the limbs of the sycamore tree
Who found end to their hope at the end of a rope
’cause they dared to attempt to be free

Up through the years we’ve continued this fight
our liberty to attain
And though we have faced insurmountable odds
yet the will to resist remains

Blessed are the spirits of those who have died
in the prisons all over this land
who committed one sin, they stood up like men
and got iced for just being a man

Blessed all you who will join with us now
in this struggle of life and death
so that freedom and peace will be more than a word
to the offspring that we have left