A Real Man

 A Real Man



“A Real Man Will Offer You Marriage, A Loser Will Offer You Zina!”

Zina is fornication, laying up, spending the night, giving yourself to a man who has not made a commitment but wants to treat you like a sheet of toilet paper

Who loses when a man and woman do not get married? The women and children lose. On many levels.

The woman loses an opportunity to be treated with dignity and respect. She loses a bit of her softness and womanness. She loses her naivety and becomes one step closer to a hardened heart. She loses the ability to be treated special.

The child loses a father. He loses the ability to have leadership and strength in a fatherly example. He loses time during his formative years from 1-21.

Men do not lose if they do not marry. Men can take care of themselves. This is why Allah has ordained for the man to take care of the women and children. To provide, maintain and protect them. That is the job of a man, of every man. 

And when society does not demand that from the man, the society falters and fails. It becomes disjointed and shattered. Children have no fathers and no leaders, protectors or maintainers. Women must now bear the responsibility of rearing the child on her own while the men spend money on motorcycles, skateboarding or Gucci shoes. The man loses his drive, his maturity and his ability to handle responsibility and reverts to a teenage boy with no direction.

So demand marriage and carry yourself as if you are worthy of commitment. Because you are.

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