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The USA cannot help shedding Innocent Muslim Blood

The US government has been increasingly carrying out drone strikes in countries with which America is not at war, and killing people with drone strikes who have no dispute with the United States. Last week, The Washington Post reported that the CIA had asked for authority to expand its drone strike campaign in Yemen by launching strikes even when it does not know the identities of those who could be killed. 

Such “signature strikes” allow the CIA to hit targets based solely on intelligence indicating patterns of “suspicious behavior.”

But such “signature strikes” increase the risk of killing innocent civilians, as well as the risk of killing people who have no dispute with the United States. This week, The New York Times and The Washington Post reported that authority to expand the drone war in Yemen had been granted.




There is no such thing as a sufi islam, but we have it
There is no such thing as a shia islam, but we have it

And now it seems to be a typical AMERICAN ISLAM, where you modify Islam to appease the kuffar. You promote the Jihad of Firemen, you denounce Muslims who are fighting against the American invasion of Muslim lands as terrorists.  You weep alongside the kuffar for their dead and you show no sadness nor caring for the dead Muslims as a result of American bombs.  Your political affiliations are geared towards more inline with whether you are Republican or Democrat, or maybe even a third-party Libertarian, Instead of harboring a deep-seated, unvanquished desire for the rule of Allah and Islam under sharee’a.

When it comes to the Islam of yourself. you seek the weakest approach to Islam. Your beard is trimmed, your hijab is cut back, you are afraid of appearing “too Muslim” and you defend it with refusing to adopt “Arab Culture”, But you have no problem adopting American culture, European styles, and Metrosexual fashion.  

You hear of the shootings of American children and you feel sorrow, but the daily killings of Muslims and you do not speak out, nor do you even feel sorrow.

You follow Imams that encourage you to assimilate more and more into American culture.  You feel bad you cannot celebrate Christmas.  You love to celebrate Thanksgiving.  You even celebrate the Pagan New Year that begins January 1, but you have no idea when the Islamic New Year starts, and you do not even know the date today on the Hijri calendar.

You see the Shia & Sunni conflict as a foreign debate and you don’t see why these two groups of Muslims, “cant just get along”.  Without even trying to understand why there is a shia “islam” in the first place and how they have treated sunnis for years.

Some might say, well, there is a Pakistan Islam and a Saudi Islam.  


I say NO, there is a difference. 

No, because out of other nations, you dont see this constant drumbeat of bending islam and appeasing the kuffar.  In pakistan, you have strong muslims and weak government and the masses in the middle.  This is pretty much the picture in the entire muslim world

But in the USA, you have NO group of strong muslims, NONE

in the UK, you see and hear of muslims standing up and speaking out, YOU GET NONE OF THAT HERE

So you are either with the enemies of Islam, or you are the weak masses or you are standing up strong for Islam

i dont believe its hopeless, as a matter of fact, i am sure Allah will raise the voice of the american muslims, but it aint there yetImage

A Real Man

 A Real Man



“A Real Man Will Offer You Marriage, A Loser Will Offer You Zina!”

Zina is fornication, laying up, spending the night, giving yourself to a man who has not made a commitment but wants to treat you like a sheet of toilet paper

Who loses when a man and woman do not get married? The women and children lose. On many levels.

The woman loses an opportunity to be treated with dignity and respect. She loses a bit of her softness and womanness. She loses her naivety and becomes one step closer to a hardened heart. She loses the ability to be treated special.

The child loses a father. He loses the ability to have leadership and strength in a fatherly example. He loses time during his formative years from 1-21.

Men do not lose if they do not marry. Men can take care of themselves. This is why Allah has ordained for the man to take care of the women and children. To provide, maintain and protect them. That is the job of a man, of every man. 

And when society does not demand that from the man, the society falters and fails. It becomes disjointed and shattered. Children have no fathers and no leaders, protectors or maintainers. Women must now bear the responsibility of rearing the child on her own while the men spend money on motorcycles, skateboarding or Gucci shoes. The man loses his drive, his maturity and his ability to handle responsibility and reverts to a teenage boy with no direction.

So demand marriage and carry yourself as if you are worthy of commitment. Because you are.