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Assimilation and Co-Existing is Against the Truth of Islam


In Quran, Allah gives us many examples of previous people who were destroyed because of their disobedience to Allah, their great sins, their rejection of truth when it came to them.

it starts with Adam, when Iblis refuses to bow down as Allah commanded, and Iblis knew Allah better than us, but his arrogance took control of his ability to distinguish truth from falsehood.

With Noah, he also delivered Truth and Guidance from Allah to the people and the people rejected his message no matter what he said or how he said it. His son, rejected the people and rejected his father’s message.

Ad, Thamud, Madyan all rejected the truth.

But more importantly there is a deeper message for us to ponder.

The others.  Allah destroyed not only the leaders, but the entire population of these towns. With the she-camel, it was a small group of men that were about to disobey, but it was one man who actually committed the injury.  And based upon that, Allah destroyed the town.

With the wife of Lut, she was very “tolerant of the LBGT community” and she was destroyed.

With Pharaoh, all of the men of Egypt were destroyed.

Why? Because when the truth came to the people, they did not reject their kufr, but embraced it, maintained it, they did not take any steps to accept the message of Allah, so Allah destroyed them as well as the leaders.

Today, this is a very important point for all muslims to digest.  Islam is not just tawheed, praying and fasting, but it includes a change of heart where you accept the good and reject the evil.  This is a very important part of Islam.  Islam came to separate truth from falsehood.  If you are a person who intermingles with falsehood, you may be on the wrong side.

The magicians of Pharaoh, they were first siding with Pharaoh, but when they saw the truth, the immediately accepted it, in spite of Pharaoh’s threat of public execution.

There is no coexisting with falsehood.  There is no acceptance of sin and evil.  We are to firstly change it with our hands. If we cannot do that, then speak out against it.  If we cannot do that, we must dislike it in our hearts, but that is the lowest of faith.  To continue to associate, intermingle, and coexist with it puts one on the side of the transgressor and makes one a transgressor himself.

So let us all take stock in our minds and thoughts. Do we think as Muslims or more like the kuffar and other “friends and associates we are amongst”?  Do we follow the mindset that Allah lays out in many many many places in Quran or have we adopted a “new and improved” perspective of sin and evil?

If Allah were to bring His punishment to your town, would you be amongst those who have already separated themselves from the evil of the people or would you be alongside those who disobey Allah and His Messenger?


O Muslims, how much longer?