Unite Individually, Think Globally

It is high time that Muslims on all levels begin the process of uniting with other Muslims.  We cannot do this on an international level, YET, but we can do it on a local level.  It is time to bring our differences to the table and leave off those things that are not important and only use the the love of Allah and this deen as the defining of who is and who is not our brother.

Differences in fiqh, methodology, and application should not be barriers against the unification of this Ummah.  My sheikh vs your sheikh is not an Islamic concept but a concept by shaytan to sow dissension within the ranks.

This is not an advocation of sunni/shia unification.  This is not an advocation of those Muslims who support tyrants, dictators and oppressors. Or Muslims who advocate and justify spying on other muslims for the kuffar or for muslims who are aligned with the kuffar. 

This is merely and simply a call to all muslims to stop petty bickering and look at the larger picture.  We all speak of one ummah, one book, one Lord and one Prophet, yet look around you and see even amongst those who share similar values, nothing but dissension based upon all sorts of diabolical issues that are not major.

Let us look at Brooklyn, New York, there are reported 100 masajid.  There should be mutual cooperation of leadership amongst Muslim leaders who say they are lovers of the Prophet and on the sunnah.  Let us exhort each other and the leaders to come together.

Realisitically, even in the borough of Brooklyn, you will not get these 100 Masjids to Unite, but those that stand against any unification will become clear.  Allah says that when there are two brothers who have disputed, make peach between your brothers and if one continues to transgress, all of you together unite against him.

We must start living this Islam and stop talking about it.  Islam was never a religion of talk, but of words and action.  The best words are the book of Allah and the best action is the sunnah.  Let us start living, thinking and acting as Muslims.Image

Unity of Purpose, not Uniformity of Opinion

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