Any Muslim who is not an Islamist is an enemy to the Muslims

As salaamu alaykum

Firstly, let me emphatically say, I hate the term “Islamist”, it is a manufactured term designed and used by the kuffar to further separate muslims into “radical” “extremists” “fundamentalists” and now “Islamist”

According to most recent definitions, an Islamist is a Muslim who wants to live by Islam.  That is the rule for ALL Muslims.  However, in the current time of ignorance amongst Muslims, there seems to be some confusion if a Muslim should live according to Islam or some other ideology.  

Allah says the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam and no other religion will be accepted.  Hopefully, that will ignite some thought into the minds of some muslims that Islam should be their only political, social, moral and governmental ideology.  Anything else is pure nifaq.



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