Jew Brags about False Flag Operations

Though there have always been proof and examples of how callous the people behind the scenes can be in creating false scenarios whereby they can rally stupified men to fight wars on false pretenses. Nothing comes close, in recent times, than Mr Big Mouth spouting how, if it is justified for “American Interests”, then let’s create the cause for war.

It has always been like this. Euromericans, as well as others, tend to love to invade other countries. It seems to be part of their DNA. Invading other countries is nothing new. Not even for Muslims. Shortly after the conquest of Makkah, the Prophet sent people into battle into other lands.

The sole difference is the reasoning. Euromerican forces always claim to invade for good reason, but the underlying reason is to oppress and profit. Whereby the Prophet and Islamic reasons are to free people from the oppression of other men to the freedom of Islam. You may agree or disagree, that is your choice.

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