Unite Individually, Think Globally

It is high time that Muslims on all levels begin the process of uniting with other Muslims.  We cannot do this on an international level, YET, but we can do it on a local level.  It is time to bring our differences to the table and leave off those things that are not important and […]

Any Muslim who is not an Islamist is an enemy to the Muslims

As salaamu alaykum Firstly, let me emphatically say, I hate the term “Islamist”, it is a manufactured term designed and used by the kuffar to further separate muslims into “radical” “extremists” “fundamentalists” and now “Islamist” According to most recent definitions, an Islamist is a Muslim who wants to live by Islam.  That is the rule […]

The USA has been defeated in Afghanistan

We told the kuffar many years ago, that invading Afghanistan would be the beginning of the end of the USA and the beginning of the rise of Islam. they didnt want to hear it. they were so confident and arrogant that their weaponry was superior over the qadr of Allah Now, obama has followed his […]

Jew Brags about False Flag Operations

Though there have always been proof and examples of how callous the people behind the scenes can be in creating false scenarios whereby they can rally stupified men to fight wars on false pretenses. Nothing comes close, in recent times, than Mr Big Mouth spouting how, if it is justified for “American Interests”, then let’s […]