Why the Outrage over the Outrage?


Muslims are reacting in violent ways over a movie?

Americans and Europeans cannot understand this because they don’t take their religion seriously

They mock God, Hell’s Angels, make movies about Jesus being gay,  They have plays defiling the mother of Jesus.

Religion is separate from their mind, except when someone dies or church on Sunday. Their human secularist nation has all but eradicated any reverence or respect of religion or God.  Hence, when their Lord is disrespected.  It is no big deal.

Even their religious holidays are not serious, the birth of Jesus is now replaced with Santa Claus. The death of Jesus is replaced with bunnys and eggs

Now, if you want to correlate the two, look at how nationalistic Euromericans are. They put of flags all over the place. They pray to their nation at the beginning of every football and basketball and monster truck show. They worship their flag and their proud heritage of freedom for white folks. This is what is important to them.  Their servicemen who are guilty of all sorts of human atrocities are held in respect in “serving their country”.

When watching Sean Hannitty’s outrage over the embassy being attacked, he was outraged the Obama allowed AMERICA to be disrespected.

This is what is important to them (and abortion rights and homosexual rights, of course)

But religion is merely a serious joke to many Americans.  They are even allowing sodomites get married, INSIDE the church.

Isn’t it interesting at how the Euromericans and their western thinking Muslims will be up in arms over their flag or their nation, but are in complete wonderment at why the grassroot Muslims are upset over a clear insult of their Prophet?

Instead of realizing that they are wrong in their assessment, they want to brand ALL MUSLIMS as crazy, immature adults.

The reality is obviously quite different

Muslims do not care about your “western values” where ridiculing a messenger of Allah is acceptable, where women removing their clothing is acceptable, where marriage is only a life-choice for men and women, but acceptable for sodomites, where fornication (romance) is promoted through every form of media.  There is a difference in thinking between those who believe in Allah and His messenger and those who do not.

Bottom line, and as is typical for the Euromerican mind, they want to ridicule what they do not understand and implement their way of thinking.

Someone asked me Why is it that the Muslims in the USA are not upset over the clear disrespect of the Messenger of Allah? Why is it that virtually every other place of Muslims are clearly showing their anger, yet the American Muslim is relatively silent?

I said “we are taught by our daiees that it is unamerican to speak against free speech and that we muslim patiently endure such vile insults on the Messenger of Allah. Those barbarians in the Muslim world who are angry over the blatant insulting of the Messenger of Allah do not represent true Islam. The American Muslim is a shining example to the world of true Islam by being able to co-exist with those who defile our Prophet.”

The Muslim world is not going for that game any longer, Alhamdulillah

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