Oppression of the Masses of Americans is Moving from the African-American Community to Society At-Large

The African descendants who have ancestral ties to the USA (black folks) have had a long period of dealing with USA law enforcement, from the time of the 1700’s up until today.  This abhorrent behavior has been referred to as slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Law & Order, Three Strikes, Racial Profiling, the disparity of arrests and convictions and the time proven Police Brutality.  Each of these would contain an encyclopedia of evidence and documentation.

However, this post is about how the USA’s attitude of attacking innocent people and using violence, overwhelming violence is justified is coming home to roost.  First it was the First Nation people (Native Americans) who were subjected to violence, even when they were unarmed.  It was also Africans kidnapped from Africa, brought to the shores of the USA, not as citizens, but as cattle to be prodded, killed, sexually abused, tortured, lynched and so forth.

With the USA’s international violence against less armed people, it was also a program of overwhelming violence to show superiority and a lack of respect of the humanity of others.  This was also displayed in the invasion of Vietnam, bombing innocent people in villages, burning the villages, and torturing the citizens.  This scenario has been repeated in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Even the foreign policy of the USA reflects a gross disrespect of other sovereign nations and their citizens, evidenced through the drone program.

So now this mentality is prevalent in the overall mindset of American society.  The Congress makes laws draconian laws regarding finances, taxes, loans, insider trading statues, yet Congress is exempt from many of these same laws.

Thus the USA has reached its pinnacle of world power and now has digressed into a totalitarian state whereby justice is solely defined by the USA. Right and wrong are solely defined by the USA. Killing, terrorism, invasions and war and also solely defined by the USA.  The USA has had a history of a “us vs them” mentality since its inception and that has now reached its crescendo and is falling back onto its own population.

This has resulted in the surveillance of the emails, telephone calls, finances, whereabouts, etc of virtually every citizen as some type of anti-terror dragnet cast over the country to “make everyone safe”. Last year, Congress approved the local governments to use drones to monitor its own citizens. The Patriot Act allowed the government to conduct previously illegal search warrants against its own citizens. Now legal in the USA is the NDAA act which allows the government to detain you, without charge, without legal representation for an indefinite period. Recently,  an executive order stated that the government can now detain you even after you have been found not guilty of a crime .

All of this in spite of the Declaration of Independence giving Americans the right to severely alter a tyrannical government, as Paul Roberts stated “Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists, as the greatest threat to the American public”

Malcolm X, may Allah grant him forgiveness, called this phenomenon “chickens coming home to roost”. Capitalism and oppression, which are almost synonymous will eventually destroy its host. We see that more and more every day.  It started off with good ideas. But the application was faulty from the beginning.

Now, with these crazed military vets returning home from their culture of abuse they inflicted upon Muslims all over the world.  The governing society will let them loose onto the American people because eventually the American people will rise up against their oppressors and the governing body will use these same tactics to decimate any freedom-seeking Americans.

It is now interesting to observe how the USA is turning into not only the lone superpower, but soon, the epitome of oppression towards its own populace.  No longer is it a black and white issue, but a power vs powerless, have vs havenot, 1% vs 99% issue.

Bush & Co decided to declare war against Islam and the Muslims. This policy is bankrupting the nation and the people in power are now trying to maximize profits domestically and abroad. The people of greed (capitalists) have turned onto their own people.

Allah has said in Quran, Suratul Anfal “36. The Unbelievers spend their wealth to hinder (man) from the path of Allah, and so will they continue to spend; but in the end they will have (only) regrets and sighs; at length they will be overcome: and the Unbelievers will be gathered together to Hell;-“.  So Allah is saying that their spending will hurt them and become a cause of regret.  $16 trillion dollars in debt and still counting.

Oppression needs to be sustained, at all costs.  Ask Bashar, Qaddafi, Hosni, etc. They too suffered from this malady.  However, they were only one person.  The USA as a system has been oppressing people for centuries, in spite of claiming to be a bastion of freedom and liberty. This apparatus needs to convince the people to suffer peacefully in their oppressive state.  So we get these talk show hosts propagating the talking points of relabeling the oppressors as “job creators”, “don’t increase taxes on the wealthy” and other things. Because of the hatred many people have for either “liberals” or Obama, they wind up siding up with the very people who are cutting their throats for profit.

Eventually, the game will become transparent for all to see.  Those who accept the status quo will be eaten up.  Those who turn against it will be beaten up.

And the police are the first line of defense in any oppressive society.

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