When is Africa going to get sick of European Invasions?


Today, the EU (European Union) has decided it is backing forces to attack the Muslims who are trying to break free from Euromerican domination in Mali

Last week, Obama stated he was backing Euromerican invasion into Somalia.  It seems those ragtag group of youth, called Ash-Shabaab, are not kowtowing to Euromerican demands of commandeering the economy and direction of Somalia.

In Syria, Bashar has not sufficiently slaughtered the Muslims calling for true Islamic Leadership.  So now Obama and the UK are debating how to best steer the direction of the Islamic movement away from Islam and more towards a Western-dominated system.

In Iraq, the USA is still having a hard time controlling the direction of the country it illegally invaded under false pretenses and killed approximately one million of its citizens and destroyed its infrastructure.

In Afghanistan, outside of Kabul, and even within Kabul, the USA and the Coalition of the Killing are still having quite a difficult time with the Taliban, who were the governing body before the USA invaded.

In Pakistan, the USA has once again, bribed the military to allow America to continue killing Pakistani Citizens that the USA has deemed worthy of death.

In Yemen, the USA is still killing Muslims deemed a threat to USA interests.  Though it is never explained how people in Yemen are in any way a threat to the USA.

There is American involvement in Tunis, Algeria, Egypt and other countries.

There is a common thread in these paragraphs.  The USA, the UK, NATO, the UN, the Hague are all working together, invading countries, killing thousands upon thousands of innocents, stealing wealth and pilfering resources in other countries. particularly Muslim countries.

After 500 years of European and American invasions, occupation, colonization and enslavement, do you think the people of these countries would realize that Euromerica does not have their best interests at heart?

And the irony is, it is the people of Europe and the USA are the first to cry about illegal immigrants taking over their country.

This is neither a game nor should it be taken lightly.

HERE we have the leader of the Ivory Coast, in Paris, talking about invading Mali (at the behest of Europeans, of course)

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