Is the “Arab Spring” manufactured by Zionists, Freemasons, Illuminati, whoever else you may want to add?

Does it matter?

I have discussions with many muslims, on- and off-line whether this “Arab Spring” is genuine or manufactured by the kuffar, whether the Zionists, Freemasons, Illuminati, Neo-cons, etc

My response is the same. “Does it matter?”

Allah is the best planners. We are aware of the events in Yathrib before the Prophet’s arrival. The leaders were killed and the people of Yathrib were leaderless. This void was mentioned by Aaisha bint Abi Bakr as Allah’s decree to prepare for the leadership of the Prophet

This was a clear case of no planning by anyone, but Allah

Then we have Pharaoh, who made all sorts of plannings against Musa, yet the plannings of Pharaoh were part of the plan of Allah

So today, there may be some credence that the Zionists and Illuminati and whoever else to foster these rebellions, but does it really matter? We, muslims, are the hizb of Allah, and Allah is our Protector and Allah will protect His deen. Thus, the plotters and planners have planned.

But tell me, does your heart warm when you see these brothers praying enmasse in the thousands? did we ever see this before?

The brothers waving the kalima with weapons, all calling for Islam and khilafa, did we ever see this before?

I seriously doubt if the Zionists or Illuminati or whoever else planned such a resurgence of this ummah. They may have planned the outer, but the inner is unseen by anyone, but Allah.  Plus they are not “all powerful, all in control”

The speed of the revolution is also not surprising to me. At 4am, it pitch black outside, you could see nothing and within a few  hours, there is so much light outside that you have to squint your eyes.

I have seen it rain so much in one area that you think we are about to encounter a deluge.  Then within a few miles or less, no sign of rain or water.  The streets are completely dry.

Imagine if mankind had to water the earth or lighten the planet.  Yet Allah does it in a few minutes.

This is how Allah works, whether with light, or rain or revolution, everything operates with the speed that Allah has decreed

To me, it has shown me that Muslims, even after oppression, still keep Islam in their hearts, and once their minds and bodies are freed, they return to Islam

The Islamic “flame” is always burning within every Muslim. “They wish to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but …except that He will perfect His light, even if thedisbelievers get annoyed.”

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