The Rise of the Muslims and the Fall of the Kuffar.

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

و صلاة و السلام على النبي

Just a quick observation.

Many amongst the Muslims and the Kuffar have deemed Islam and the Muslims weak and that the West, the USA, the UK, Europe, the kuffar as being strong.  Though Allah says otherwise in Quran.

The Muslims are vilified as being backwards and the kuffar and their lifestyle are deemed to be advanced and civilized.

Of course, this is not only far from the truth, but the truth is actually the complete opposite.  For as the West and its glory of technological advances and other trinkets of convenience, it has become dark and void of any spiritual remembrance of Allah.  Hence it has divorced itself from the Source of All Power and Glory.

The west promotes decadence, hedonism, heathenism, and moral decay.  Impatience and complete disobedience to Allah.  It promotes fornication. It promotes breakdown of the family. It promotes the killing of babies and the marriage of sodomites.  It’s financial success is based upon ribaa (usury) and Allah has stated He wages war against those who engage in interest (forbidden in the Bible, Torah and Quran).

As of late, there has been a willful distortion of Islam being promoted by the Euromerican Media and its minions in the Muslim world. Islam and Muslims have been painted as terrorists and Euromericans have been painted as liberators.

Alhamdulillah, Allah is exposing the global fraud being promoted and is also uplifting His Ummah.  And in spite of turmoil and bloodshed (which is primarily being promoted by American intervention in the affairs of Muslims), Islam is rising in Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, Afghanistan, Egypt, Somalia, Iraq and other places.

Just as Pharaoh issued a death sentence to God’s people, and that death sentence was reversed onto Pharaoh’s own people, so too has Bush/Obama with bombs and drones unleashed death from the sky onto Muslims, and that too has been reversed.  Wherever Obama drops a drone, Islam grows.

Meanwhile, the American people are being fed up with the greed and impending police state that the Federal Government is morphing into.  American rebellion against the American government is fomenting and it appears that whatever turmoil the world has seen in the Arab Spring will be a light matter compared to the bloodshed in the Second American Civil War.

This Civil War will not be about slavery or state’s rights, but about the American people desiring true freedom from the  tyranny of their government.

So I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the important role that George Bush and his sidekick Barack Obama have played in igniting a fire on both the American and Muslim soils.  Bush’s War On Terror exposed the evil intent of Euromericans upon non-Europeans.  Dropping cluster bombs onto women and children is not war, it is state-sponsored terrorism, which was supported by NATO, the UN and 52 nations.  This Pharaohic decree can do nothing but come back onto the American leaders, as their citizenry also awaken to the greed and oppression being brought to them and their children by the very people they have elected to uphold their interests.

It wont be a pretty sight, but it will be right.

Allah says in Quran

Or do those who do evil deeds think they can outrun Us? Evil is what they judge.

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