American Muslims are Masters of Uncaring about this Ummah

Rise Oh Muslims!

The messenger of Allah (saw) said: ‘Any one of you who wakes up in the morning and does not care for the affairs of the Ummah, is not one of us’ [Muslim] Hadith

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Whoever is not concerned with the problems of Muslims is not one of us.” [Hadith]



Try this experiment.  Google “British Muslim”, then click Images.  Then Google “French Muslims” then Google, Italian Muslims, German Muslims, Spanish Muslims, and then finally Google “American Muslims”, each time, going to the image portion.  

I see American Muslims in the street, in the masjid, online, constantly talking about American things. I don’t mean, American finances or American foreign policy or even American Militarization.  I am talking about football, basketball, baseball, boxing, or movies, or actors, or rappers, singers, song writers, etc.  

When Whitney Houston died, there were quite a few American Muslims who basically said Whitney Houston (alayhi wa salam)  Ok, they actually said RIP (rest in peace) which means the same thing.

Why? Why are American Muslim so detached from our Ummah? Is it the water? The air? Or is American culture so prominent that it completely overrides all other mindsets, ideologies, societal values, any and everything that is not promoted as “being American”?

American Muslims cheered when Obama became President.  American Muslims cheer when LeBron James played basketball.  They cheered when their football teams play.  But nary a peep, much less a cheer when the Muslims of Syria are about to remove a ruthless dictator.

American Muslims cried when Michael Jackson died.  American Muslims cried when Whitney Houston died.  American Muslims do not cry when American planes drop American bombs onto Muslims in Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, etc. 

The prophet told us when we see an evil the first option is to change it with our hands.  We do not do that. He said if you cannot do that, speak out against it.  We do not do that.  He then said, if you cannot do that, then dislike it in your heart, but that is the lowest of faith.

I cannot see people’s hearts, however, if we can express happiness and sadness in our words and actions about basketball and actors, why can we not express MORE emotions to cheer the victories of our brothers and sisters and to empathize with their pain as they suffer, particularly at the hands of the government we support

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  • muhammad  On 2012/07/20 at 09:28

    All Muslims need to fight back against the oppression of America. It’s made clear in this post that Islam is not welcome in american culture and is being pushed aside for non-religious alternatives, such as football, where profit and production are the only things that matter. Look at all the advertisements in american sports, trying to corrupt the minds of the viewers into thinking that consumerism will make them happy, so they ignore the true giver of all love, Allah. Its all part of the secret order called the Illuminati who wish to turn all people into sheep. One of the reasons they encourage gayness is to stop the spread of certain genes. I mean its clear to everyone that homosexuals are much better off than their straight counterparts, they are more intelligent, earn more money and honestly much more attractive . Meanwhile all the breeding is done by the stupidest in society, poor people are even rewarded for having more children(child support), whilst in nature they would surely all die. The sheeple are being produce, its eugenics( same as the nazis) and its up to muslims to fight this terror by having as many children as possible. The reason the richest muslims can have many wives is because these people deserve to pass on their genes to the next generation. All muslims should have at least 5 children, if only to balance out the population, as Roman Catholics now days have 7 children on average. Once the Muslim people are a proven super-race we will finally be able to take over the breadbasket of the world the Ukraine and live happily in our new living space.

    • أبومبارك  On 2012/07/22 at 07:49

      I have seen muslims express condolences at the victims of the Colorado movie shooting. Yet, these same muslims, i have never seen express any condolences to the victims of Obama’s drones onto Muslim women and children

  • anony12  On 2012/09/02 at 02:42

    i just did what you said googled up the british muslims till german muslims and when i came to american muslims – heyyy the images are all abt waving the flag. its as if they are trying to tell the americans”we are same as u just dress differently”. or that” we are not like the rotten afghans who burn this flag. we respect it”. they are reeking of defeated spirit. selling themselves.

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