More Paternal “love” from the Brits

look between the lines

The Brits have a meeting of London to decide what they “the brits” will do with Somalia.  The British are still playing the same conquering colonialist game they played 500 years ago.  And they haven’t learned.  This is an extension of the pure racist attitude that the Euromerican powers have had for non-white nations for 500 years.  It is their God-given right to dominate and dictate what happens to other countries.

Yet these same countries are reeling from indigenous anger for immigrants.  It would make sense that if you don’t like foreigners in your country, maybe you should stay out of the country of others?  Mind you, there are no foreign troops in England, yet England feels justified in having their troops in the lands of others, dictating policy and killing its citizens. Imagine of the table were turned?

Why hasn’t England looked at the Palestinian issue, their history in Iraq, and other places as “Lessons Learned”? I presume it is because no matter what the death toll, the financial rewards of invading other countries and seizing their resources outweighs any conscious feelings of guilt, no matter how many dead bodies are left in your path.

So in this meeting in London to decide what happens in Somalia, the Brits have hand-picked the leaders of Somalia (just how are these handpicked puppets the leaders of anything is anyone’s guess)  Maybe they should call them the Five Civilized Leaders.  Yet the Shabab control the country.

This is colonialism all over again.  A sovereign nation has a leadership that is not approved by their Whiter Interloper and the Europeans will now justify invading the country (Sounds like Christopher Columbus, all over again)

As far as the Shabab go, what can we say? The oppressive USA government has basically declared war on yet another sovereign muslim nation, solely because these niggers have the nerve to not want to be the slaves of the USA.  The Shabab have rejected the Superiority complex of the USA and Europe and have earned their wrath.  The Shabab remind me of Haiti, showing courage in the face of oppressors who would stifle their freedom.  Barak Obama and the Government of the USA cannot believe these darkies are showing no fear.  Barak Obama has launched attacks on the people of Somalia, killing hundreds of innocent muslims.  (no defense can be made for such acts of war)  But the USA can do it because the USA can do it. Not because it is right. Not because Somalia is a remote threat to the USA, not because Somalia has attacked the USA.

None of that.  Only because there are resources in Somalia that the USA feels it has a better right to, so it will do anything to justify usurping the authority and freedom of the Somalian people and prop up yet another puppet government to subjugate the people and put profits in the hands of a few.

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