Monthly Archives: April 2012

Are we truly on the brink of One World Government?

At first, I saw this article yesterday, explaining how the EU had been reluctant to share airline passenger information with the USA.  They have now agreed.

Today, I see this, WikiLeaks lawyer is barred from returning to her homeland of Australia because she has been put on a WatchList.  

As a Muslim, I expect this type of treatment from the kuffar against Muslims. They have banned many Muslim Preachers from traveling because of “security concerns”.  In spite of the fact these men have no ties with any radical, violent group.  They just tend to express their distrust of the existing World Order. 

But with this latest advent, it is becoming clear that these governments have a mutual agenda.  That is to have complete control through monitoring and intimidation of its citizenry.  The IRS has now passed a las that strips your citizenship away if they feel you owe back taxes.  (Warren Buffet owes $1billion in back taxes)

There are many changes that have taken place and many more pending.  All designed to put a complete net over free, independent thought and have us smart enough to work the machines, but dumb enough to not care about how we are being used as their cash cow.