Muslims are the New Niggers to Americans

with the advent of the various forms of justifications being promoted by the media regarding the usa marine who killed 17 or so innocent muslims in their sleep, it should be painfully clear to any who had any lingering doubts about the evil that exists within the american psyche.

Welcome to the USA

None of this is new to people who have lived in the shadows of the American dream, constantly being denied basic rights.  Rights that were mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, which stated that a government has no right to usurp inalienable (God given) rights.  And that whenever a government is guilty of denying those rights, it is your duty as a HUMAN being to abolish and destroy that government.

This document was written by Europeans in the newly formed United States of America who had a beef with King George.  From that day till now, the USA has been guilty of denying basic human rights to Native Americans, African Americans, japanese Americans and a host of others.  These rights were not only denied by an ignorant populace, but was part of the governing body, federal and local.

These rights were denied to many of the civil rights workers, who were publicly gunned down and their killers were known, yet as one said “where are you going to find a jury in Mississippi that will find a white man guilty of killing a n1gger”?

Well, this hate and evil has now come to the Muslim, in the USA, as well as overseas.  Muslims are insulted, kidnapped, imprisoned, legally tortured, and slaughtered enmasse in full public view of the world body and no one seeks them justice.

Since Sept 11, the USA has singlehandedly given the world a greenlight to kill muslims, with impunity. Even Bashar of Syria accuses his civilian population who are demonstrating for their freedom, terrorists, and subsequently uses military hardware to fire upon neighborhoods.  Israel does it to the Muslims in Occupied Palestine. Uzbekistan, Russian, Kajikistan, etc all have answered the call to fight terrorists by turning their guns on their own population who seek nothing other than to live the lives of Muslims.

This is not going to stop until the Muslims awaken from their slumber, which many have, yet many have not.  And when they awaken, they must take up the book of Allah and the Sunnah as their protection against the global evil that has been unleashed upon them.  For Allah has honored this ummah as long as this ummah honors Allah. So if this Ummah is being humiliated, it is time for it to return to its roots.

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