Muslims need Bay’a and Leadership

السلام عليكم و رمحة الله و بركاته يأ إخوان


The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم stressed obedience to leadership.  He was the leader of the Muslims, then and now.  He stressed that if two Muslims or three Muslims re together, one is to be chosen as the leader.  When the Muslims migrated to Abyssinia, Jafar was the leader (no bay’a).

Even in our salat, we have a leader and we do not move until the leader moves and we follow his movements.

A company cannot function without leadership.  A family cannot function without leadership. Even a flock of birds has leadership.  Leadership solidifies the body and establishes direction.  Without it, the body is confused and has no direction.

Why is it our Ummah  today does not stress the importance of leadership?  We have countess scholars, preachers, leaders and imams, yet we have no leadership. How important is leadership? Well, the companions of the prophet knew the importance of quickly burying the dead and they loved the Prophet, yet they delayed burying the Beloved Messenger of Allah until they had chosen a leader.

Every expedition that the Muslims embarked, they chose a leader.

Today, we have 1.5 billion muslims yet no one is stressing leadership.

Children are commanded to obey their parents.  Women are commanded to obey their husbands, yet why is it that the men are not accountable to no one? Hence each man leads according to how he feels.  Whether that “feeling” is correct or incorrect, there is no one to keep him in check.

And the Prophet stressed that this Ummah has ONE leader, not many.  So each head of state of the Muslim world is not accountable to any leadership, so he also rules according to his whims, and as a result we do not have one Islamic country in the world today.

This lack of leadership is allowing the kuffar to violate the honor and respect of the Muslims and Islam. Muslims are being tortured, raped, killed, and imprisoned without anyone to help or offer assistance.  The Muslim world seems dependent upon its enemies to help the Muslims.  This is wrong on every level.

ImageIt is impossible to have a united body without leadership.  Demanding loyalty to each of these various muslim leaders is like a woman having many husbands. It is against any source of reasoning and logic and against Islam to demand that the Muslims are obedient to “the leaders”.  They are to be obedient to their leader (singular).

Now it is apparently impossible for this Ummah to choose a leader that we will all agree upon.  Hence, many muslims are awaiting the Mahdi to straighten out this mess.  However, even if one chooses to await the arrival of the Mahdi, that does not abrogate the importance of leadership.

We need to start with the basics.  Each man must acknowledge that he is to have someone that he follows.  Not necessarily baya, but a communal leader (similar to Jafar being the leader of Muslims in Abyssinia)

This leader can be your father, the Imam next door or in the nearest city.  Someone you entrust with the leadership of your affairs.

As the Prophet said, when their are two or three Muslims, one must be chosen to be the leader, let us implement this important sunnah.  Otherwise, we are contributing to the disunity of the Ummah that we can all plainly see.

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