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Europe’s Attack on Islam in Africa

“Islam has thus two avenues of approach to the African negro – his natural preference for a militant faith and his resentment at white tutelage. It is the disinclination of the more martial African peoples for a pacific creed which perhaps accounts for Christianity’s slow progress among the very warlike tribes of South Africa, such as the Zulus and the Matabele. Islam is as yet unknown south of the Zambezi, but white men universally dread the possibility of its appearance, fearing its effect upon the natives.

“In so far as he is Christianized, the negro’s savage instincts will be restrained and he will be disposed to acquiesce in white tutelage. In so far as he is Islamized, the negro’s warlike propensities will be inflamed, and he will be used as the tool of Arab Pan-Islamism seeking to drive the white man from Africa and make the continent its very own.”

Quoted from this website

My only question, how did these people ever become leaders of the world? Evil doesn’t begin to describe their collective mentality.  It is not just one group, or one era, or one segment.  It is 500 years of a quest to dominate the world and subjugate its occupants.

And then they make up songs about “We are the World”



Attn: Government Law Enforcement, Lurkers, Monitors and Spies

I was thinking of you folks today, after watching a video of an Pakistani Imam in Brooklyn being investigated because one of your guys “thought” he was up to something. As is typical, it turned out to be nothing.

But in retrospect, I was thinking, why do you guys do what you do? You spend countless hours looking thru the internet for clues, suspects, chatter etc to what purpose?

You want to find out if anyone here is thinking of, planning, orchestrating, advocating any type of subversive activity that your Government deems problematic. Then thru collecting data, you formulate a case against these individuals and try to “bring them to justice”.

This is the lie told to you by your Government and Superiors, and as good minions, you lick it up, out of patriotism, safety for your family and just to get a better paycheck.

How thoughtless and selfish of you.

Just think back about 80 yrs ago, there were patriotic German police, who did the same thing. They had been told that Jews were the bad guys and that it was in the interest of Germany to monitor and arrest these folks.  And though each officer may not have been the one to execute them, each one contributed into the assembly line that eventually led to the Holocaust.

Each officer thought of his nation, his career and his family and THOUGHT he was doing the right thing. Yet he had been deceived and he was deceiving himself. Just like you.

Even if you go back a few thousand years, every tyrannical system was first supported by people like you. Foot soldiers in the Imperialistic powers-that-be. It starts with you. So if you are not aware of the implications of what you do and why you do them, you are nothing more than an accessory to the crime.

If you scour the internet and actually use the common sense that the Good Lord gave you, you will see who is on the right side of this global war on terror and who is on the wrong side. So either you are also too blinded with bigotry and hatred, or you just dont care. Either way, you are on the wrong side.

What is at stake? Firstly, there is no war on terror, just like there was never a “white man’s burden” or “christian crusade to purge the world” for the past 500 years. Euromerican imperialism has always devised some sloganeering to get its farmers/policemen to wage war against perceived enemies. Whether it was slavery, or decimation of the American Indian, or fighting communism in Vietnam, and now terrorism. It has always been lies to get you to support their quest for power and domination.

You can take any uprising all over the world, whether in Occupied Palestine to Syria, from the Uighur Muslims to Brooklyn, NY, it is the same thing. The controllers of the world need you to help them oppress other people. And sadly, you have bitten the bait.

So I invite you to dialogue with the Muslims. Stop being so sneaky and unmanly, but stand up straight and say what needs to be said. Fear no one but God. If you think we are wrong as muslims, then challenge us. If you are right, we will agree.

Hiding in dark lonely rooms spying on people is not how to resolve any differences or conflicts. That is the way of cowards and people afraid to stand for what they believe.

No one wants bloodshed or the loss of innocent lives, yet if you look at who is doing the killing and shedding of innocent blood, it is hardly the muslims.

Not only that, you claim to want to maintain law and order, yet you justify breaking your own laws to enforce your laws. Do you not see the problem with that?

So stop being so short-sighted and look at the big picture. Are you helping the solution or perpetuating the problem?

Your call

Brought to you by the people who brought Christianity to the World

Brought to you by the people who brought Christianity to the World

More Patriot Americana for you

Muslims need Bay’a and Leadership

السلام عليكم و رمحة الله و بركاته يأ إخوان


The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم stressed obedience to leadership.  He was the leader of the Muslims, then and now.  He stressed that if two Muslims or three Muslims re together, one is to be chosen as the leader.  When the Muslims migrated to Abyssinia, Jafar was the leader (no bay’a).

Even in our salat, we have a leader and we do not move until the leader moves and we follow his movements.

A company cannot function without leadership.  A family cannot function without leadership. Even a flock of birds has leadership.  Leadership solidifies the body and establishes direction.  Without it, the body is confused and has no direction.

Why is it our Ummah  today does not stress the importance of leadership?  We have countess scholars, preachers, leaders and imams, yet we have no leadership. How important is leadership? Well, the companions of the prophet knew the importance of quickly burying the dead and they loved the Prophet, yet they delayed burying the Beloved Messenger of Allah until they had chosen a leader.

Every expedition that the Muslims embarked, they chose a leader.

Today, we have 1.5 billion muslims yet no one is stressing leadership.

Children are commanded to obey their parents.  Women are commanded to obey their husbands, yet why is it that the men are not accountable to no one? Hence each man leads according to how he feels.  Whether that “feeling” is correct or incorrect, there is no one to keep him in check.

And the Prophet stressed that this Ummah has ONE leader, not many.  So each head of state of the Muslim world is not accountable to any leadership, so he also rules according to his whims, and as a result we do not have one Islamic country in the world today.

This lack of leadership is allowing the kuffar to violate the honor and respect of the Muslims and Islam. Muslims are being tortured, raped, killed, and imprisoned without anyone to help or offer assistance.  The Muslim world seems dependent upon its enemies to help the Muslims.  This is wrong on every level.

ImageIt is impossible to have a united body without leadership.  Demanding loyalty to each of these various muslim leaders is like a woman having many husbands. It is against any source of reasoning and logic and against Islam to demand that the Muslims are obedient to “the leaders”.  They are to be obedient to their leader (singular).

Now it is apparently impossible for this Ummah to choose a leader that we will all agree upon.  Hence, many muslims are awaiting the Mahdi to straighten out this mess.  However, even if one chooses to await the arrival of the Mahdi, that does not abrogate the importance of leadership.

We need to start with the basics.  Each man must acknowledge that he is to have someone that he follows.  Not necessarily baya, but a communal leader (similar to Jafar being the leader of Muslims in Abyssinia)

This leader can be your father, the Imam next door or in the nearest city.  Someone you entrust with the leadership of your affairs.

As the Prophet said, when their are two or three Muslims, one must be chosen to be the leader, let us implement this important sunnah.  Otherwise, we are contributing to the disunity of the Ummah that we can all plainly see.

Dua for the Suffering of this Ummah

O Allah, Islam has not become weak. We have become weak.

O Allah
, we know that we are suffering because of our sins.

O Allah
, You sent the Qur`aan Sharief for our guidance.

O Allah
, Rasulullah (SAW) left us His beautiful Sunnah

O Allah
, we know that we have distanced ourselves from the Qur`aan and Sunnah and as a result we are suffering everywhere in the world.

O Allah
, just as Rasulullah predicted, the enemies of Islam are calling one another to join in devouring the Ummah. But O Allah, You are our Protector.

O my Kareem Allah
, the enemies of Islam have ganged up against the Muslims. Even Muslim governments have joined their alliances and coalition.

O Allah
, the enemies of Islam have become one and we, who are the Ummaties of Rasulullah (SAW) are becoming more and more divided and disunited.

O Allah
, we have brought more destruction upon the Ummah than even the enemies of Islam.

O Allah
, with our deeds and actions, we have been the means of the destruction of the Ummah. The enemies only came to destroy whatever was left…

O Allah
, unite the entire Ummat.

O my beloved Allah
, guide the enemies of Islam. Bless them with Imaan and Islam.

O Allah
, bless them like how You blessed the Sahabah-e-Kiraam and others with Imaan and Islam.

O Allah, if they have become obstinate and they have made up their minds that they are not going to accept Your beautiful Deen, and they are planning the destruction of the Muslim Ummah – the destruction of Muslim lives, homes, property and economy, then O Allah, You are the best of Planners.

O Allah
, You are the same Allah who was present in Badr, at Uhud , at the Fath-e-Makkah…

O Allah
, You haven’t become weak. We have become weak.

O Allah
, Just as You sent the ababeel and destroyed Abraha and his forces, which had set out to destroy the Ka’bah Sharief….

O Allah, send disaster against these forces who are out to destroy the Ummat.

O Allah
, send floods and destroy them.

O Allah
, send gale-force winds against the enemies

O Allah
, shake the ground beneath their feet.

O Allah
, cause their ships to sink

O Allah
, cause their planes to crash.

O Allah
, create division and disunity in their ranks.

O Allah
, make them fight amongst themselves.

O Allah
, fill their hearts with terror and fear.

O Allah
, humiliate the enemies. Crush the enemies.

O Allah
, destroy them like how You destroyed the ‘Aad and the Thamud.

O my beloved Allah
, send Your angels and assist and help the mujahideen of Islam.

O Allah
, give the stones which they throw, the power of atom bombs.

O Allah
, wherever in the world the Muslim Ummah is suffering, come to our assistance.

O Allah
, bombs are being rained upon innocent women, children and civilians.

O my Allah
, homes are being bulldozed.

O Allah
, aid the Mujahideen and our brothers and sisters in Palestine, in Afghanistan, in India, in Bosnia, in Chechniya, in Kosova, in Kashmir, in Iraq and in other parts of the world where they are facing tyranny and oppression.

O Allah
, those who have been imprisoned unjustly, find a way out for their release.

O Allah
, their ‘sin’, in the eyes of these merciless enemies, is nothing except that they have tried to spread Your Deen… Their ‘sin’ is nothing except that they say ‘La-ilaaha Illallaah’

O Allah
, remove the difficulties and trials of the Ummah.

O Allah
, we are going through very, very, difficult and trying times. It has become very difficult to even protect our Imaan.

O Allah
, protect our Imaan.

O Allah
, protect each and every one of us. Protect the entire Ummat.

O Allah
, change the conditions of adversity, to conditions of prosperity.

O Allah
, change the condition of fear, to that of peace and security.

O Allah
, change the condition of the Ummah.

O Allah
, restore the dignity and honour of the Muslim Ummah.

O my beloved Allah
, have mercy upon the Ummat of Nabi ; forgive the Ummat of Nabi ; shower Your Rahmat upon the Ummat of Nabi ; overlook the sins and weaknesses and shortcomings of the Ummat of Nabi.

Yaa Rabbana, lay not on us a burden greater than we have the strength to bear. Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness; have mercy on us. You are our Protector; help us against the disbelieving people.

Maulana Yunus Patel :Image