They called them NIGGERS…


The Nelson Lynchings

In May of 1911, Laura Nelson, came to the aid of her 15 year old son, L.W. Nelson, who was accused and convicted — without any deliberation or trial — of killing an Oklahoma police deputy. Mrs. Nelson confessed to the deputy shooting in an attempt to stall her son’s fate, and as a result, both mother and son were imprisoned for the crime. On May 25th, Laura Nelson and L.W. Nelson were kidnapped from their prison cells by a white mob and token six miles to the North Canadian River bridge where L.W. Nelson was held down beaten and castrated while his mother was repeatedly raped by the mob. With ropes tied to their necks Mother and son were thrown over the bridge railing. For weeks after, hundreds of townspeople visited the bridge to view the hanging bodies and to have their picture taken on the bridge as they smiled and looked down upon Mrs. Nelson’s and L.W. Nelson’s hanging Black bodies. NEVER FORGET. They were 2 of the reported 3,446 Blacks lynched in the United States.



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