Abu Ghraib abuser released from prison

Abu Ghraib abuser released from prison.

Abu Ghraib abuser Charles Graner released from prison

By Reuters
Saturday, August 6th, 2011 — 10:31 pm

CHICAGO (Reuters) – The soldier who orchestrated abuses of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison was released on Saturday after serving more than six years in a Kansas military prison barracks, a U.S. Army spokeswoman said.

Charles Graner, 42, was released from the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth at about 10 a.m. on Saturday after serving more than 6-1/2 years of a 10-year sentence, U.S. Army spokeswoman Rebecca Steed said.

Graner was convicted on charges of conspiracy to commit maltreatment, dereliction of duty, and assault consummated by battery and indecent acts, Steed said. He was released early for good behavior, she said.

U.S. military leaders, from Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld down, were criticized for setting up Abu Ghraib as a makeshift jail in the months after the U.S. invasion of Iraq and handing control to the ill-suited, low-level soldiers who forced inmates to perform sex acts and abused them physically and psychologically.

The abuses ignited global outrage, and dealt a powerful blow to America’s image, when the soldiers’ own photographs of their humiliation and intimidation of Iraqi detainees were first published in the spring of 2004.

Images showed Graner giving a “thumbs up” sign behind naked Iraqis piled into a pyramid and grinning over a corpse.

Among the six other soldiers charged from his unit was former Private First Class Lynndie England, who was sentenced to three years in prison for her role in the scandal.

Photographs showed England, then 20 years old, holding a naked Iraqi on a leash. She fell in love with Graner, later having his baby. Graner rejected her for another female soldier in the prison.

Graner will be under supervision by a probation officer until December 25, 2014, Steed said.

All in, 11 military personnel were convicted for prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib.


I Saw Many Killed Under Torture: Guantanamo Torture Survivor:German Guantanamo detainee Murat Kurnaz

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  • AbuMubarak  On 2011/08/07 at 05:45

    The man he is standing over was killed while in Abu Ghurayb after being held in detention for only four hours. They hung him up and he could no longer breathe and he died. He was innocent of any terrorist activity.

    He was a husband and a father. They invaded his country and killed this innocent man. Then they stood over his body and made jokes about their killing.

    And now these sick psycopaths are being let loose.

    The good thing is that they will come stateside and become police officers and use their newly acquired skills on their fellow Americans.

  • AbuMubarak  On 2011/08/07 at 22:16

  • أبومبارك  On 2011/08/31 at 06:48

    As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuhu,

    I hope this message find you in the best of health and eman.


    Eid Mubaarak! I pray that Allah (swt) made your eids, with family and friends from amogst the best and most blessed days of the year, inshallah.

    I pray that Allah (swt) blesses you with being able to see the next Eid, unless death is better for us before.

    May Allah (swt) grant you the highest of al-Firdaus, and make you, my brother, from among the Siddeeqeen, the Shuhadaah, or the Saaliheen.


    Please remember this one thing. While we enjoyed our Eid, spent time with family and friends, enjoyed great sweets, put on beautiful attar, and thobes (or suits), and relaxed the whole day – our brothers and sisters overseas did not.

    Our brothers and sisters in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and elsewhere had a bloody eid. They saw their brothers and sisters being killed, they were forsaken by their families (Somalia), they fought and sustained injuries against the tyrants, and they did not enjoy any of the amenities that we did.

    Their sweets was the taste of blood on their torn lips, and their thobes were their exposed bloody, injured chests. Their relaxation was Jihaad in the Path of Allah (swt), and their time with their family was with their past generations of ancestors in al-Firdaus – or in loneliness, forsaken in this dunya.

    Our duties as Muslims, and this is more important than anything, is to feel the pain of our brothers and sisters. When one part of the body is feeling pain, no matter what day it is – the whole body still feels pain. And what can we do about it? Well, the least is that we should make dua.

    In this blessed day, wherein we have fulfilled our duties to our familes and friends, let’s also fill it for our brothers and sisters overseas. Make Dua for them, and weep to Allah (swt) – to help them.

    So on this blessed occasion, which in all rights of this Ummah – was a bittersweet one, let’s make it a little brighter – and fulfill our responsibilities. Jazakallahu Khairan.

    I apologize for getting this to you all so late (some brothers even sent me Eid Mubaarak on here. Jazakallahu Khairan for that) – but I did not want to sadden, or make you hurt on this day. If this reached you, and it is the next day – then simply make dua when you read it. I pray that Allah (swt) accepts all your Taubahs, and forgives you, and accepts you into his mercy when his mercy is the only thing of value in the Heavens and the Earth. Ameen.

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