Modesty Matters; Western Culture Demoralizes Women

السلام عليكم

Firstly, as a Muslim, we are to believe the book of Allah and the words of Allah and the meaning of the Quran.  Allah commands both men and women to be modest, and further urges women to properly cover themselves (ie hijab) as a protection from bad things and people.  And also, Allah says the best covering is taqwa (wear your faith and fear of Allah)

That being said, I was looking thru the internet, and as one persuses Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc, you see a lot of haram.  The haram I am speaking of is women, uncovered women at that.  But even worse was the stories behind these women.  This one is pregnant from this boyfriend.  This one is posing for a porn magazine.  This one left this guy for anotherr guy.  They are telling you how you can look sexier (ie, more appealing to the desires of strange men). And the stories go on and on.

What is wrong with this? It treats women as toys.  Playthings to be oogled by men for their pleasure.  Dress Sexy.  Look Sexy.  Improve your figure.  Wear these clothes.  Do this and that to get a man.  Date.  Flirt.  Bedazzle.

It is all very captivating for most of us.  Attention. Individuality. All of these inflate the ego and that’s what the ego loves most, to be inflated.  But at what cost?

When a woman advertises herself in this manner, the attention does not come without a cost.  The inner character of the woman is not developed nor noticed.  All the world is concerned with is how sexy and appealing she looks.  When the men show her attention, there is only one thing on their mind.  Whether in actuality or within their minds from a distance.  This is harmful for the woman because instead of being treated with respect, she is treated as a plaything to be enjoyed, temporarily.

Look at the clothing styles.  Allah says do not let shaytan strip you of your clothing as he stripped your parents (Adam and Eve).  And the styles today are designed to display more and more shape, figure and skin and remove more and more modesty.

Even some kafir girls are rejecting this blatant display of their bodies as if they are on a meat hook, to be inspected.  (Not enough are rejecting, unfortunately).  Older women are imitating younger women, because these older women never developed their inner beauties, but spent their lives living on the exterior.  Now the exterior is fading away and they are trying to keep up with the younger girls.

Sad state of affairs.  When society treats women like toilets, it destroys the mothers of future generations.

Ask any man, aside from the desire to “possess” these women, do they desire these women to be wives, mothers to their children, someone to take home to momma? Or is it all in the courtship of dating, flirting, playing and eventually sex.

This society teaches you to “fall in love”, yet it distorts love to be a feeling of euphoria and happiness, but never stresses the reality of what this “falling in love” entails.  The perception that is taught is girl meets boy, boy likes girl, girl and boy have sex.  This is love.  NO, this is immoral lust.

Girl gets pregnant or a disease. Boy leaves to find “new love”.  Girl has abortion.  Or they practice “safe sex” and the boy still leaves to find “new love”.  Meanwhile, Girl has now become hurt and feels used.  But because she knows no better, she finds new boy to “fall in love” and the cycle repeats itself.   Next time, she dresses sexier to find better man.  Next time, to not lose the man, she has sex earlier and earlier, maybe even the first night.  Because she is “in love”.

Islam does not allow women that pitfall, unless they go outside of Islam.  The way a muslim woman dresses, her speech, her modesty, all protect her physical beauties and attributes, except for the man who has shown a level of piety, patience, and fortitude.  This increases his desire for her physically, as well is instills a deeper meaning to her worth.

Britney, Cristina, Kardashian, all turn heads, but they do not hold a candle to the high esteem of a woman of piety can hold.  They may have headlines and attention.  But they do not have the respect of a muslim woman.

They may be what “love songs” endorse, and shake their thing in music videos.  But they are being used by commercial interests to get you to imitate their ways.  Not for your own good, but to degrade a woman into a sexual plaything.  To have women be at the disposal of men only serves the animal instincts of men, but does nothing for the woman or society.

We forget, women are the cradles of civilization, past, present and future.  If we turn them all into Playboy models or video sex objects, who will raise the future with faith, conviction, morals and modesty?

Be mindful of your actions, be mindful of your intentions.  Islam is a protection for both man and woman, in this world and the next.  If you remove your protection, you are bound to get hurt.

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  • Linda C. Smith  On 2010/11/28 at 11:38

    Like many men in many cultures, you are assuming that what a woman thinks of herself is dependent upon what men think of her.

    And who teaches those unhappy women to think in this way?

    Fortunately, millions of women throughout the world know how to evaluate their worth through evaluation of qualities which are not linked to their appearances or modes of dress. Hijab or momjeans or power suits or joggers’ shorts are meaningless. It’s the person inside who counts.

  • abumubarak  On 2010/11/29 at 22:51


    I do not know where you get the idea that the inside is separate from the outside. That concept defies logic in any time and place. As one comedian once said, when he sees women dress like prostitutes, and they become offended if you speak to them in a disrespectful manner. The woman will typically say, just because I dress like this, doesn’t mean I am what you think I am.

    The comedian then said, that’s like having an accident and walking up to a man in a uniform and a badge and saying to him, “Officer, I need your assistance”, and he responds with “Just because you see me dressed like this, do not assume I am what you think I am'”

    How you carry yourself not only defines you, but reflects your character and how others see you. This is why the corporate world has dress standards, this is why the political world has appearance standards, this is why tennis players wear tennis outfits.

    Only in some fantasy world can people dress any old way and it is the responsibility of the world to “see their insides”. Frankly, I do not want the world looking at my insides.

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