Killings: Black on Black, Pak on Pak or whoever else

Many of us have seen the videos of the Pakistani Army shooting the six kids, or of the Pakistani Army beating the old people or of the Pakistani Army beating some more old people to death.

And virtually all of us have seen and heard of Black on Black crime, whether thru videos, news reports, songs, movies, or just living life.  This black on black crime is infamous and pathetic.

But what astounds me more than these actual crimes, is the different responses we have from them.

If a white person were to travel into a black neighborhood and kill hundreds of black men on an annual basis, there would be a huge outcry.  There would be Congressional investigations, all types of seminars, and most of all, the black community would be outraged.

If the USA military were to have shot six kids, beat old people and beat old people to death, there would be mayhem in the streets of the muslim world.

Why? My guess is that we expect white folks to act civilized. Cultured.  Better than others.  So when they do something, its bad.  But………..and this is a big BUT, But when we do it to ourselves, we care less. The world cares less.

Whether it is the slaughter in Rwanda, the streets of New York, or hidden valleys in Swat.  People expect non-whites to act barbaric with each other, yet if white folks did the exact same thing, we would be up in arms.

My point? We need to expect more from ourselves, and leave off this colonial mindset that the only lives that have meaning are those of Europeans and the only crimes that are really crimes, are when Europeans do them.

It seems to be a sad reality.

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