Polygyny or Bi-Sexual? Which is more American?

Within the past few days, my family has experienced a rather comical series of events.  Comical, not in the laughter sort of way, because there is little to laugh at these days.  Muslims are suffering, dying, being tortured, imprisoned, etc.  While the Ummah looks on apathetically.

This comical is similar to when Abraham’s wife, Sarah, heard the angels say they were about to punish the people of Lut, and she laughed.

In the USA, today, polygyny (man having more than one wife) is illegal.  However, teenagers go to school and tell each other how they are bisexual.

Yet, if a man marries more than one woman, and treats them both with love and caring, and raises children, and teaches them morality. He is a criminal and treated with disdain.

This is the same society that will accept a woman wearing little or no clothing. Yet mocks a woman who covers in the manner that Mary, the mother of Jesus (whom they claim to respect).

In summary; a woman covering in a manner that women have been covering for thousands of years is mocked.  A polygynous marriage, as has been the way of mankind for thousands of years.  both of these are now rebuked in society.  Yet a young girl wearing little or no clothing and bragging about how she has sex with both men and women is accepted and protected. (as is pornography)

Is there something wrong with the direction that modern-day society is going?

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