Muslim Brother on the “No-Fly” List

Today, I was speaking to a brother who found out he was on the infamous “no-fly” list issued by the USA.  I want to share with you what I learned.

Firstly, the brother travels a lot, and happened to raise the ire of the Beast. (ie Uncle Sam, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, etc) and though the brother has not done anything wrong, nor has he been accused of doing anything wrong, his travels warranted the Beast to put him on the No-Fly List.

He cannot leave the country (USA).  He cannot even travel from NY to Atlanta, Georgia, because he has been deemed a threat to American security.

No trial. No charges. No evidence. Not even an accusation.  Not even a strong suspicion.  His name has been placed there and there is nothing he can do to have it removed.  He can only wait until some person decides to remove it.

He is basically a prisoner in the USA.

Another example of how the “rights” of muslims are non-existent in the USA today.  The Beast does as he pleases.  He bombs muslim countries. He kills muslim men, women and children.  He rapes and plunders.  Yet, he stands in front of the world as the leader of freedom, democracy and the civilized world.

A word to the muslim.  There is nothing in this dunya for you.  And if you thought there was something, the USA (and shaytan) are showing you that this dunya is not for you, unless you are willing to completely give up your Islam and not care about the affairs of this ummah.

As long as you restrict your Islam to praying, fasting, and talking about how peaceful Islam is, then the Beast will allow you to be Muslim. But as soon as you try to LIVE like a muslim, and speak as a muslim and enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong, the Beast will aim for you.

Yet, fear not.  Allah is still in charge

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  • AbuMubarak  On 2011/02/18 at 09:01

    Some things about the No-Fly List
    1. There is no way for one to find out if they are on this list. So don’t go putting your information on some site that claims to do this, it is most likely an information gathering site. Think! If you think you might be on this list DHS would certainly want to check you out.
    2. Because you will only know you are on the list when you try to get your boarding pass and you are denied it you will lose your ticket, no refund. So if this happens don’t get upset and cause a scene.
    3. There is no one you can talk to at the airport that can clear you to fly so don’t waste your time giving out your life history, getting photographed, finger printed and DNA sampled. Just say thanks, get your bags and leave right away.
    4. This No-Fly list is specific to the US. You can still fly to other countries but you will be subjected to higher security measures because your passport and name are on this list and all airports security are tied together. However, any country can chose without notice to not let you enter or fly there if they chose.
    5. Although you can fly to other countries you cannot be on any flight that overflies US airspace. This means it is nearly impossible to get to Canada unless you fly over the North Pole, and I don’t believe there are any commercial flights that do that. Also you cannot fly to Mexico from Europe because all the flights do cross over US airspace. I was told by the US Embassy that I could fly to Canada or Mexico and then cross into the US on land but they failed to mention the “airspace” factor.
    6. If you want to find out which flights do cross US airspace (this includes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands) there is no way for you to do this. Your best bet is to get on Google Earth and plot a path from the city you want to leave from to your destination city. If you do this it still is no guaranty but you could chose paths that are well away from US airspace and will be reasonably safe. (I don’t think you will find any flights to Mexico City that do not cross US airspace unless they come from a South American country.)
    7. If you are trying to reach the US through Mexico all international flights will go through Mexico City and you will be detained there by the Mexican authorities as a courtesy to the US Department of Homeland Security if you are on the No-Fly List. There is a very good chance you will be returned back to the city you just came from.
    8. If you have made hijra and are coming to see your family in the US, if you have been to any of the “mostly Muslim” countries to study Arabic or Islamic studies, if you have been working in one of these countries and you are a Muslim and you are returning to the US you might be on this list.
    9. If you have ever made any comments on this or some other Islamic site in support of the Mujahideen, Islamic Shari’a, Muslim prisoners, if you have made statements against the current occupation and wars the US its allies are engaged in there is a chance you are now on this list just because of these statements.
    10. No one can or if they can will not tell you if, why, when or who put you on this list, not even FBI or DHS.

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