“It doesn’t look like America anymore”

This statement, “It doesn’t look like America anymore” was said today by a white guy, when describing his place of employment.

People ask me why I focus on race so much in America, and this is a perfect example of how much race plays in American life.  I didn’t choose the cards I have been dealt, but I try to play them as wisely as possible.

Back to the story; What is behind this statement?  Well, as anyone can tell since the last 20-25 years, there has been a resurgence of “gringoism” in the USA.  Since Ronald Reagan and the “Silent Majority” days, white folks in the USA have gone from the defensive (for about 5 years) to a major offensive.  They have regained their sense of patriotism (watch out) and are now “bringing America back” to its roots.

As one country song so eloquently put it, she is “proud of being a redneck”. So, emerges the likes of Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Oliver North, etc, all leaders of the right-wing conservative movement to bring America back to its roots.

As imaginary as these roots may be, they consist of the “original constitution”, freedom, liberty, democracy, and the “good ol’ days”.

These left-wing liberal democrats are destroying America with its loose immigration policies and letting those Mexicans in by the droves.

Well, I had to tell this guy today, as I am reminding all of you reading this, an influx of Mexicans IS AMERICA.  Mexicans are not only Americans, but they are Native Americans.  Just because the USA drew some line along the Rio Grande does not exclude ties that the Northern Indians had with the Southern Indians……..all native americans.

What he should have said was that this doesn’t look like the White America that he was taught in school.  And that would have been correct. But by far, any Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cherokee, Sioux, Ecuadorian, Brazilian, etc are all Native Americans and their presence should not change what “America looks like”.

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