Fox News Leads the Anti-Islam Propaganda in America

Fox news has gone from a mindless “rightwing” talk show to now leading the charge to villify Islam and Muslims.  At this rate, it will be no time before muslims are heralded into concentration camps.  We have already witnessed America’s willingness to openly discuss torture of Muslims, without due process.  America’s willingness to suspend human rights and civil rights towards muslims.

However, in this clip, Fox has distorted the “Muslim Family Day” sufficiently to brainwash the mindless masses into attacking the MUZLIMS

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  • abumubarak  On 2010/07/25 at 12:56

    Add to Fox’s attack the following clear hatred of Islam by and you can see a pattern developing by these “ultra-patriotic” dyed-in-the-wool Americans who believe it is their God-given right to protect the USA from enemies from within. IE. Muslims

    For a quick historical backdrop, when one surveys this country and how it was able to wipe out the entire indigenous population of the western hemisphere, it was not just done with the military, but every civilian participated in “wiping out the savages”. In spite of the fact that these “savages” were the indigenous populations, the new European settlers felt the United States was their land and they were justified in taking it from the “American Indian”.

    All the while claiming to be founded upon freedom, democracy, and liberty for all.

    Add to this, the treatment of Africans, kidnapping, rape, murder, oppression, enslavement, removal of cultural heritage, religious ideologies, and familial ties, one can easily see that the dominant culture of America has no problem slaughtering innocent people.

    At present, the military is engaged in a “war” against civilians (similar to its war against the Indians) of attacking people in their homeland merely justified by the American need to “take what it wants”.

    So these people, including Fox news and assoicated cohorts are equally culpable of fomenting the hatred against muslims and any subsequent actions that occur.

  • Dawud  On 2010/08/01 at 03:49

    May Allah swt curse these dogs, wait hang on a minute… they will probably report that as a threat by ‘Mozlems’ against fox news.

    Hijrah is an obligation, better to get out of places like america and uk if we can and add our wealth and work to the muslims lands not the kuffar lands.

  • abumubarak  On 2010/08/01 at 10:06

    Akhi, i agree with you on the hijra, but where? Muslim countries (at present) are more oppressive than the kuffar. It is in Egypt that the ban of niqaab has taken legs, though it seems as if it is starting in the USA

    • Dawud  On 2010/08/01 at 15:59

      The first step is to realise Hijrah is an obligation, the 2nd is figure out where.

      So somewhere less oppressive, not at war with muslims is better than the US or UK even if still darul harb,

      somewhere darul kufr rather than darul harb is better,

      somewhere darul emaan, the abode of the believers is better still as can strengthen the muslims and contribute to their efforts and being from the west it is harder for them to treat you badly, though easier to throw you out than a local.

      and somewhere where they are striving and struggling to establish the shariah or have already established it like parts of the afghanistan / pakistan border area or somalia is best of all, even if all you can do is shine shoes, still that is better because maybe the shoe shine boy can go and you free him up.

  • Unknown  On 2010/09/27 at 21:16

    No amount of talking will do now… our ppl are so used to sitting on our backsides and getting it from the west that its hard to make them stand up again… they are useless, fighting against each other while the kaffir destroy all of us… however there are so many “real” muslims in the world, sadly noone unites and forms the common goal of the kilafat… If the muslims of the world unite as 1 umma as it shud, and actually start practicing Islam, Allah subhanahuwatala will obviously bless us and grant us victory, if you want something, ask it of Allah… The muslims nowadays dont even ask for freedom, they are satisfied being under the yoke of the west. The first goal of Islamic revival is the establishment of the kilafat, to bring all muslims under a common rule, then can a coordinated blow be given to the west… and we can tell all the kings in the middle east to go take a flying ****…

  • Unknown  On 2010/09/27 at 21:22

    apparently according to the west, the only real “peace loving” muslims are
    quote -CALVIN FREIBURGER- *many peace-loving Muslims do exist. They don’t deserve to be lumped in with tyrants and savages, even unintentionally. Neither do courageous Muslim allies to liberty, like author Irshad Manji, Sheikh Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri of the United Kingdom, or the majority of Iraqis who vote for secular rule and against Iran.*

    These are “the peace loving” muslims… Muslims that allow america to do what it wants… honestly like stated above what ryts can america claim to be founded on freedom? all I can c was that it was founded on blood…

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