To the American Muslim Youth…….especially the young men

السلام عليكم يا مسلمين

The Youth………..

Specifically, the American Muslim Youth. What can one say? Their approach and attitude about their Islam is very troubling.

Many Muslim youth across the globe are very active in focusing on their Islam. They learn the Arabic. They learn ayaats and suras from Qur’an They learn about the seerah of the Prophet. They learn about the companions of the Prophet, and those that followed them. They learn about many of the classical scholars and even current ones. They learn about many of the contemporary shuhadaa.

But, my younger American Muslim brothers and sisters, primarily the brothers, are caught up into imitation of the kuffar, learning rap artists, imitating their dress, their talk, their slang, their thoughts and behavior.

In the meanwhile, we have our Muslim sisters who are at least dressing outwardly like Muslims But because their men are of a lower level of practice, our sisters have to sink to their level, because these men are their future husbands and mates.

I noticed that in the street. Women and girls in the street will allow kafir men to talk to them any way, treat them any way, because this is the only choices they have. There are very few kafir boys and men who treat women with respect, so the women then learn to ignore their rightful place of respect and accept the treatment and disrespect of the men in their peer group.

Baggy pants, baseball caps, nigga this and nigga that, bitch, ho, profanity galore. All are accepted as behavior in the interaction between young men and women.

And this pathetic level of inter-relationships has crept into the American Muslim Youth. The young men are not leaders of Islam, but followers of kufr, and they are dragging our younger sisters down to their level.

So if a young sister wants to get married, she either has to seek a much older man, or accept the common attitude prevalent amongst our young men.

To add further insult to injury, our young Muslim men are turning to kafir women for their future partners (whether halal or not) and have lost sight of their primary objective to maintain and protect their fellow Muslim sisters.

Young Brother, if you are not showing an attraction to your Muslim sister who is struggling just like you to maintain chastity and proper Islamic protocol. If you are not chasing after the pious Muslim sister, but instead accepting the booty-shaking, breast-bouncing, hair-flowing kafir women, then how can you expect your sisters to remain chaste?

Many of us know that there are kafir boys who are very interested in getting with Muslim women. These kafir men are willing to chase Muslim women and you are chasing the kafir girls. Do not be surprised when your sister turns to Bobby or Kenny as a boyfriend or “he is about to take shahada”.

You are not accepting your responsibility as a Muslim man to maintain and protect your Muslim sister. She is now susceptible to the whispers of shaytan that it is better for her to look like a kafir girl than to walk around with “all those clothes”

Stand up brothers, be proud to be Muslim. Become a leader within your circle of what is correct in Islam. Be as proud to look like a Muslim as you expect your Muslim sister to be. Spend time learning ayats and not raps. Learn the companions of the Prophet and not the players on your favorite basketball team. Be teachers to your younger brothers of the strength of Islam and not examples of more knuckleheads in our community.

This is the job Allah has laid out for you, stand up for it, or someone else will.

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