Fear not the Blame of the Blamers

Considering the evil that the European Man has inflicted upon the world for the past 500 yrs and even until today, it would appear to me that it is the European men between the ages of 30 and 75, that should be profiled and arrested.

It would make the world a safer place

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  • abumubarak  On 2010/02/26 at 08:10

    Just as an add-on. When are we Muslims going to stop accepting the kuffar premise that it Muslims who are the terrorists?

    When anyone would take an objective look at who is killing innocent people, no one comes close to European Christians. For the past 500 years and even today, they are instrumental in killing innocent people merely to acquire natural resources, profits and power all over the world.

    It is their use of media and money that influences the minds of many, including the Muslims. Sadly, if Muslims do not learn the tricks of this man, the Muslim will fall as easy prey to the Dajjal.

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