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Fear not the Blame of the Blamers

Considering the evil that the European Man has inflicted upon the world for the past 500 yrs and even until today, it would appear to me that it is the European men between the ages of 30 and 75, that should be profiled and arrested.

It would make the world a safer place


KFC has Halal Chicken in the UK? So what! The food is still poison

Aside from the fact of  KFC may be possibly killing the meat by mentioning the name of Allah over the meat.  Aside from the discrepancy of whether their mentioning the name of Allah and the manner of how they are killing the animals is halal, The question must be asked, why are muslims in such a rush to eat hormone-filled, steroid-laced chicken?

Is it that muslims are in such a rush to be accepted and live in a similar manner as the kuffar?  Are we starving so we need access to such meats?

Abused animals are not halal and the chicken that is fed at these fast-food places is treated in humanely

Mullah Umar told America they were wrong to attack. History is now speaking.

these people are facing defeat, so now they want to find justifications for them leaving the taliban in power

whats sad is that the world supported the usa in its illegal invasion of afghanistan. the taliban specifically stated that they wanted proof against usama. bush didnt want to hear it and chose instead to massacre hundreds of thousands of muslims

Imam was handcuffed and shot 21 times by the FBI

I remember such types of news stories would happen with the Black Panthers.  The news stories would precede the actions of the police by painting the Panthers out to be violent black men.

Then the police would go around killing them.  No one cared because these were violent black men.

So here, forty years later, the media has painted muslims to be dangerous and violent.  And again, the police are beginning their murderous rampage to kill them.  And again, the headlines do not give the victims justice.