was shutdown today was shut down today.  Though when one clicks onto their website, it says it has been suspended, presumably, it is because their webhost is in England and the British press blasted the brothers there for supporting the mujahideen in Afghanistan and mocking the deaths of the UK soldiers.  Seemingly unpatriotic, I presume.

Most religious people will understand the meaning of an “anti-christ” coming, and the subsequent end of the world.  It has been written and foretold for centuries.  What leads up to this introduction of the commencement of the end of the world……..? It is man’s disbelief in God, awash in sins, no longer caring about the meaningful things in life, mocking religion, hedonism, heathenism, immorality, etc, things of this sort.  Most people would agree upon these precursors and the oncoming of armageddon.

However, when one actually reads up on the signs, one would think that people would see the signs, and hence, be wary of falling into behaviors that have been forewarned.  But alas, mankind is a contentious, short-sighted creature who focuses on the here&now and not on long term benefits and harms.

Today, we applaud freedoms, in spite of religious ideologies that warn against unbridled freedoms.   These types of freedoms lead to moral decay and societal destruction.  That brings us back again to man’s short-sightedness.

So how does all of this relate to the shutting down of IslamicAwakening?  Well, mankind is doomed, except for those who believe in God, do acts of righteousness, exhort each other in truth and exhort each other in patience.  Doomsday is brought about by man acting unrighteous.

The USA and UK have entered into foreign lands and have killed untold thousands of lives in Afghanistan, and over a million lives in Iraq……….THIS IS A CRIME. Evil from its very core.  The perpetuators of this evil are not just the government, but each soldier and citizen who supports such evil.  As many may remember reading from muslim apologists, “whosoever kills one soul, it is as if he has killed all of mankind”.  That quote does not just apply to the evil terrorist who blows up innocent people, but it belongs equally on the American or British soldier who kills innocent people, invade innocent lands, usurp governments and indigenous authorities, rape, burn, kill, imprison and torture innnocents.  This is just as evil, if not moreso, than any bombing a terrorist can do.

However, in the mindset of most Euromericans, what happens outside of their realm is not as important as the life of some media victim of rape, murder, mugging around the corner in their own town.  A clear disconnect occurs between the patriots of America and England, as they “support our troops”.

This support includes ignoring the evil of their troops, of their governments and of their policies, and when one lives in a fantasy, any reality that goes against that fantasy is met with hateful vengeance.

Muslims are a brotherhood, British citizens are a brotherhood.  One based upon religious fellowship, the latter based upon borders, imaginary, temporary, illusionary.

British and American citizens would rather muslims ignore the plight of their fellow brothers suffering at the hands of the British soldier and sign on to the mindset and ideologies of the State.  This is prohibited in Islam. Tribalism, nationalism, are all forbidden.  Islamic brotherhood is based upon faith, belief in One God, not based upon location, color, wealth, gender, etc.

To ask a muslim to abrogate his brotherly ties to other muslims is treasonous.  Worse than any perceived treason that the states of the UK or USA can bring upon any muslim, because the treason by abandoning your brother will have to be answered to our Lord upon our death and Day of  Judgment.

Any treason charges brought by the states of either the UK, or USA may be met with torture, imprisonment, even capital punishment, but nothing compared to the trial and punishment meted out by our Lord.  So each muslim must make that decision for himself.

May Allah grant the muslims success in every arena.

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