The Global Crusade against the Global Jihad

A quick observation.  George Bush & Co., along with a sizable population of the USA with support from most of the world underwent a global crusade to thwart global jihad.  They termed it, “War on Terror”.

This was in response to Sept 11, 2001 attacks against innocent people in the USA, as well as some other attacks around the world that were supposedly committed by Islamic Jihadi groups.  These previous attacks may have killed upwards of 4,o00 people over a span of a few years.  All by individuals, of various political persuasions, at worst, we can call them criminal acts.

What is ironic is that in its crusade to rid the world of jihadis, the USA underwent mass killings, bombings, kidnappings, tortures of many many thousands of muslims.  Their entire mission to spread peace, liberty, justice and democracy around the globe was now seen as a lie.

Never since the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition has the world seen such evil unleashed from Europeans onto Muslims.  Upwards of 1,000,000 Muslims in Iraq have been killed.  Uncounted thousands in Afghanistan, Muslim charities have been raided, muslims have been denied any sense of justice anywhere in the world, because now the mantra is Guilty by Religion.

Now, here comes the true irony. Muslims are winning.

In spite of the global crusade against global jihad, the “terrorists” are winning.  In Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine.  Wherever the Euromerican and Zionist forces (the West, ie White folks) have combined their superior wealth, technology, air superiority, etc………they are being defeated and financially bankrupt.

Uncle Sam starts a War on Poverty and loses, a War on Drugs and loses, and a War on Terror and loses.  One would naturally assume that with the might of the military of the USA, terrorists would be shivering in their boots at the thought of the USA attacking.  But lets look at the reality.

There was no Alqaaida in Iraq, prior to Bush and his Mission Accomplished.  Now Iraq is Alqaaida-central.  The military of the USA ATTRACTS terrorists.  If you want to get rid of terrorists, do not invite Uncle Sam.

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