Euromerican……….what is it?

Many many times, you will read my reference to the term “euromerican”.  There is a need for me to identify my meaning of this term as an attempt to thwart any cries of racism.  Of course those cries will continue, however, to the sane of mind, it will be ignored.

Euromerican is a derivative of the combination of European and American.  These two groups have been a cancer on mankind for the past 500 years.  Through blatant racist policies, it has decimated the indigenous population of two continents, mass enslavement and obliteration of upwards of 20million people, oppression and colonialization of virtually every non-european planet on earth. Theft of natural resources, and I can continue at length.

It is NOT the condemnation of your neighbor, it is a condemnation of a MINDSET of superiority that the European, American and Israeli have had and they have used with impunity against non-europeans for the past 500 years.

It was then, it is now.  What prompted me to write this blog entry was a headline about Uncle Sam dictating who can and who cannot have nuclear weapons.

Now a quick glance at history will show you that there is only ONE nation on earth that has used weapons of mass destruction against civilians……..TWICE.  Not to mention its genocide against its own indigenous people and enslavement of others.  By any objective eye, one would consider such a country with such a history and MO a ‘rogue’ nation.  So what gives this same country the audacity to dicate to others?

Racist policies consistent with the Euromerican mindset

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