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My Thoughts on Obama

I do not follow politics, in terms of following the day-to-day antics of the kuffar and their machinations. It gets too confusing and there are many more important things relating to life, death and our hereafter to focus upon. However, I do try to keep up with the shenanigans of the political leaders that affect me and the muslims.

During the course of the primaries, I, as well as most people, assumed Hillary Clinton to be the next Democratic nominee to the White House. But to my surprise, it seemed the black guy was the front runner.

I am more than aware of the history of black people in the USA and was somewhat excited that a black man could become president. But things seemed to go too well for Obama.

Firstly, had Colin Powell been nominated, I would not have blinked an eye in surprise because the world basically knows Colin. So, though I am against the entire political machine, inwardly, I would have rooted to have a black man in office.

Mr. Obama was new and reaching heights never before imagined. It was too much, too good to be true. So then I became suspicious.

I posted at these suspicions and lo and behold they seem to be coming true.

The video here pretty much sums up my entire view on Obama.

The Obama Deception