Terrorists do not walk around in turbans and long beards,  but they wear suits and ties,

Innocents are primarily killed by foreign policies which command bombs dropped from jet planes, tanks and naval vessels.

NOT from “Suicide Bombings”

People who fight against this naked aggression are called terrorists

and the people who purport this evil upon mankind are called heroes.

Stop being a victim of your own ignorance.

-author….AbuMubarak from http://www.ummah.com/forum

Abu Said al Khudri heard the Prophet (saws) say;

“Let none of you despise himself!” The Sahabah asked “O Messenger of Allah, how can one despise himself?” The Messenger (saws) replied “He sees the command of Allah on him about which he should say something and then he says nothing about it. So Allah will say to him on the Day of Rising ‘What prevented you from saying such and such for My sake?’ and the person will say ‘the fear of the people’. Allah will say to him ‘It is I alone that you should more have feared more!’ [Ahmad and Ibn Majah]

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